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A Comprehensive Guide to What Happens During iV Treatment

A Comprehensive Guide to What Happens During iV Treatment

An iV treatment involves a licensed professional inserting a catheter into your vein. This allows for the direct delivery of fluids, medications, or nutrients into your bloodstream. It can be used to treat dehydration, administer medications, bolster nutritional levels, or expedite recovery from certain conditions.  Even better? You don’t have to leave the comfort of…

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Vitamin Infusions for Hangover

Why IV Vitamin Infusions are the Best Hangover Cure

The telltale indicators of the morning after the night before: are groggy-eyed wake-ups, strong headaches, nausea, and other wonderful stuff that comes with drinking too much the night before. While most of us will turn to greasy spoon breakfasts and a tall glass of water to get rid of our hangovers, there is another option…

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IV Vitamin Infusions for Migraines

Say Goodbye to Migraines with IV Vitamin Infusions

If you think the prospect of no more migraines is an impossible dream, think again! While other treatments may help you manage migraine headaches, intravenous (IV) vitamin infusions have been shown to go the distance to provide migraine sufferers with natural, long-term migraine relief. While other options may provide symptomatic relief, a personalized IV vitamin…

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IV Therapy for Travelers

IV Therapy for Travelers

IV therapy for travelers is perfect for those mid-vacation blues. How often do you have visitors suffer from altitude sickness or need a mid-vacation boost? We have visitors thank us for “saving their vacation” from their altitude sickness, and others for “getting them ready to get back out there” when their fun vacation has taken…

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IV Therapy

IV Therapy for Hydration, Vitamins & Mineral Intake

IV Therapy & Oxygen Treatments are Our Specialty Our RNs specialize in providing IV Therapy and Oxygen treatments in the comfort and convenience of your home or office. We specifically design our hydration treatments to meet each client’s individual needs. With the necessary vitamins and minerals you need, our treatments can help your overall wellness.…

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Mobile Oxygen Bar

An Oxygen Bar at Your Next Occasion is the Right Decision

Oxygen bars for events are a great addition, no matter the occasion. When a reputable administrator with registered professionals provides oxygen at your next event, an oxygen bar can be the most popular feature to your gathering.  Providing as much as 95% pure oxygen, an oxygen bar offers your attendees a great alternative to your…

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Vitamin Therapy IV Drip Infusion

Myers’ Cocktail: Convenience for Your Health

iV therapy has health benefits for numerous ailments and conditions. But are you familiar with Myers’ Cocktail? Mixed directly from the pharmacy, the Myer’s Cocktail formula of vitamins and minerals has shown to be helpful for treating chronic and acute conditions. A version of the Myers’ Cocktail ingredients and administration make a great solution for a…

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Altitude Sickness & IV Therapy

Altitude Sickness & IV Therapy Altitude sickness impacts visitors to mountainous areas, especially hikers, skiers, and climbers above 8,000 feet. Thanks to lower air pressure decreasing the amount of inspired oxygen at higher elevations, visitors may need a period of acclimation to the new conditions. Visiting Vail, CO, for example, may require visitors from lower…

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