Altitude Sickness & IV Therapy

Altitude sickness impacts visitors to mountainous areas, especially hikers, skiers, and climbers above 8,000 feet. Thanks to lower air pressure decreasing the amount of inspired oxygen at higher elevations, visitors may need a period of acclimation to the new conditions. Visiting Vail, CO, for example, may require visitors from lower elevations to acclimate.


Altitude Sickness: Know the Signs

It’s usually obvious if you experience altitude sickness. Typically if you traveled to a higher altitude than you’re used to and start feeling unusual or out of sorts, it’s likely this is what you’re experiencing. However, ranging in severity from mild to severe to life-threatening, everyone experiences altitude sickness differently. 

Mild altitude sickness can last 8-36 hours after ascent with such symptoms as persistent headache, difficulty sleeping, dizziness, loss of appetite, and nausea. You may also experience an elevated heart rate, blood pressure, and shortness of breath, which can increase in severity as you gain elevation. Drinking alcohol before fully acclimating may also compound whichever degree of altitude sickness you’re experiencing. 


IV Therapy for Treating Altitude Sickness

Luckily there are ways to quickly and fully alleviate altitude sickness. A reliable and trusted solution, IV therapy can smoothly relieve your elevation headache, nausea, and dizziness. For those who may have trouble acclimating or need to acclimate more quickly, it can also provide the fastest relief. 

Additional measures to take when experiencing altitude sickness are to first stop and rest where you are and avoid higher elevation for 24 to 48 hours. If an option, descend to a lower altitude and make sure you’re drinking enough water. Finally, avoid smoking, drinking alcohol and exercising until your symptoms cease.


IV Therapy: How it Works

Also referred to as vitamin infusion therapy, hydration drip, and IV bar, IV therapy provides not only a fantastic solution for altitude sickness, but also happens to quell migraines, facilitates mental clarity, helps athletic performance, energy, pain management, and even boosts your immune system. 

But why it works so efficiently is centered on immediately delivering essential fluids, nutrients, and minerals into your bloodstream. Bypassing the digestive system with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, IV fluids instantly go to work in your bloodstream. So your body absorbs what it needs, getting you the results you need to feel great as fast as possible. 


About Vail IV

Based in Vail, Colorado, Vail iV provides mobile IV therapy treatments in the Vail Valley and surrounding areas. Registered nurses under physician’s direction administer our IV wellness and recovery treatments in the comfort of your home, hotel, or office. Each treatment is specifically designed to meet each client’s specific needs. We focus on alleviating altitude sickness, immune system enhancements, energy boosts, detoxification, anti-aging, neuro-regeneration, pain management, and athletic recovery and performance. 

In addition to IVs, vitamin shots, and supplemental oxygen, we also provide add-ons such as supplemental oxygen, anti-nausea medication, immune boost, essential amino acids, a vitamin B complex, and vitamin B12. We are locally owned and operated by practicing healthcare professionals.