What is IV therapy and why does it work?

IV therapy is a safe and efficient way to deliver essential fluids, nutrients, and minerals directly into the bloodstream. IV therapy works because it bypasses the digestive system which allows for maximum absorption into the body.

What are the risks?

IV therapy is a low-risk procedure which is commonly used in clinical settings. We use industry standard medical protocols, an FDA approved pharmacy and medications, and our physician and nurses are well-versed in identifying conditions which could cause adverse reactions. To ensue it is a very low-risk procedure, we only treat healthy adults whose physical and mental condition fall within industry recognized medical protocols.

Does it hurt?

Though everyone has a different pain threshold, most patients experience minimal to no discomfort. The nurses pride themselves on using their clinical experience and care to make your treatment as comfortable as possible.

What are possible side effects?

The side-effects of an IV treatment are minor and temporary. The most common possible side-effect is some bruising and soreness at the infusion or injection site. Due to our screening process and post treatment guidance it’s far less common to have side-effects such as the risk of infection or an allergic reaction. The NAD+ treatment may have additional side-effects due to the increase of ATP molecules, please see the NAD+ page for more information.

Where can I receive my mobile IV treatment?

We come to your home, hotel, office, or a place that is comfortable for you. We do ask that you choose a spot that is comfortable for you to sit or lay for 45-60 minutes, and that has some working space for the nurse to set up equipment and customize your IV treatment.

How long will it take to receive my treatment?

It takes about 45-60 minutes to infuse your vitamin and mineral IV treatment. A NAD+ treatment takes 2 or 4 hours to infuse. Please plan on a few minutes before and after to complete the screening process. You can complete the screening forms online prior to our arrival to speed up the process.

Is my information secure and HIPPA compliant?

Yes, the signature forms (consent, medical history, etc.) use HIPPA compliant software and we have a HIPPA BAA agreement with DocuSign.

What if I have a fever?

We can’t treat patients who have a fever.

Can my child get an IV treatment?

We only treat adults 18 years of age and older.

Can I get an IV if I’m pregnant?

Our apologies, but at this time we are not treating women who are pregnant. We want to minimize risks in order to keep our clients as safe as possible.

Do you accept insurance?

Because this is considered an elective service by insurance companies, we do not accept or deal with private insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. HSA/FSA card or reimbursement eligible.